Feifei made learning piano easy and extremely fun. I started with Mary had a little lamb and before I knew it, I was playing Schumann’s Toccata in C Major!

- Eddie C.

Feifei is a knowledgeable, energetic and fun teacher who imparts good techniques all while instilling a lifelong appreciation of music. She is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in her communication style. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her to any one who has always wanted to learn piano but never got around to it like myself. Better late than never! I would look forward to every lesson with Feifei as she is both an incredible teacher and compassionate person!

- Randall T.

Feifei is one of those rare, fantastic teachers that are an absolute pleasure to learn from! Here are 3 reasons why I’d recommend her to anyone, from beginners to active competitors: (1) She is particularly astute at showing you how to see past the surface technicalities of a score to bring the music alive. I had played piano for over 10 years, but only after taking lessons with Feifei did I feel that I can now look at a score and understand its nuances. (2) She is well-versed in experience for how to practice most effectively, along with handy technical tips, so you can play the showboat pieces and nail them (I could play Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by the end). (3) She understands the various performance styles, as well as the competitive landscape, but most importantly, empowers you to ultimately decide for yourself how you want to sound and what you want to do. I could go on and on!

- Rosalie C.

I could not have asked for a better teacher than Feifei! As an adult looking to start learning an instrument that most people pick up during their childhoods, I was nervous and a little shy to start learning. Feifei masterfully worked me out of that and had me playing songs that I genuinely enjoyed within just a couple months. She is understanding and forgiving, but she also has a knack for pushing you to do better when you both know you can. I plan to be a student of piano for the rest of my life and I have Feifei to thank for that!

- Saseen N.

Having grown up playing piano almost every day and performing competitively, it was a hard adjustment going to college and putting music on the back burner. I was lucky to meet Feifei through a friend, who somehow found time in her busy schedule to give me lessons. She reminded me how much I enjoyed playing piano and how much it helped me relax, even if it was for a couple minutes in a day. In our last months, we learned a Mozart two-piano concerto together, something I've always wanted to try! Thank you for everything, Feifei!

- Jasmin K.

Feifei is an excellent piano teacher. She helps me to explore my piano potentials by expanding advanced repertoire and encouraging me to challenge difficult pieces I always wanted to play. Her instruction is to the point because of her many years of teaching and performing experience, and PhD study in pedagogy. In addition, she welcomes beginner as well as advanced student and creates a positive environment for developing your musicianship. I highly recommend you to take the opportunity to study with her.

- Dongheng X.

During my undergrad, I spent 2 years learning how to play piano from Feifei. I came from some background in music, having played clarinet in high school band, but there were still so much to learn! In the first lesson, Feifei identified what level I was at and we set up both short term and long term goals for the semester. The short term goal was to learn to read bass clef and the chords. The long term goal was to master 2 classic pieces to be performed in front of other students at the end of the semester. Despite the short 1 hr lesson per week, I felt my skills improved greatly. Each time, Feifei, with her usual beaming smile, taught me something new, whether it be a skillset, new knowledge, or a practical joke. Amidst of the demanding university academic curriculum, I found myself looking forward to Feifei’s lesson every week. It was one class that I could relax and enjoy without feeling any stress or urgency. Over the 2 years, I was able to play various types of pieces including classical, jazz, and contemporary. Even now, I play from time to time, and still to this day, nobody believes that I only took weekly lessons during my undergrad career.

- Harry A.

What I really liked about Feifei’s lessons is that I felt like even though I took classical piano lessons before, I didn’t understand how to play. I was just taught how to memorize notes and plonk them down in the right order. Feifei taught me how to look for patterns in the music. So I would notice patterns in the left hand, and then I’d realize, “oh, actually, we’re just playing the chord of A - played over and over in different ways.” That would help me memorize it and teach me which parts to stress. When you’re playing piano, sometimes you might want to stress the beat, sometimes the melody. If you really know how to read the sheet music as patterns, then it becomes a lot easier. So I really appreciated that, and that even helped me with playing music on the guitar later on as well as singing.

- Christina Z.

Feifei Zhang Student Recital
Feifei Zhang Student Recital